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Why We Need CrossCheck USA™

For transparent certainty and comparison purposes.

A checks and balances solution created by and for citizens State Election System

State Election System

CrossCheck USA™

  • Transparent VotingNO! Citizens cannot confirm their vote was counted.
  • Empowers CandidatesNO! Creates obstacles for candidates in verifying votes or challenging vote totals.
  • Certainty in Votes CastNO! Inaccessible data that cannot be fully observed, audited, or confirmed.
  • Accessible RecourseNO! Legal recourse for citizens to legally audit elections and election data is limited and often denied.
  • Transparent VotingYES! Make your candidate choice, view/change before election.
  • Empower CandidatesYES! Provides a comparison vote total to help uphold an accurate count come election time.
  • Certainty in Votes CastYES! Your CrossCheck USA™ Vote can be confirmed as counted via your Unique ID Number.
  • Accessible RecourseYES! Citizen Affidavits for election contests are available, ensuring an available document for legal recourse.


It provides a third-party independent check and balance solution for citizens to
declare their candidates, which can be compared to state vote totals.

Protect Your Vote

Hear What Officials and Experts Have to Say

Software Developer Who Created Election Machine Rigging.

Clint Curtis, a computer programmer who inadvertently created hidden software intended to manipulate election night vote totals, testifies before Congress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For easy navigation and to provide quick answers to common queries

No. CrossCheck USA™ offers every voter the opportunity to participate in a transparent, parallel, poll-verification platform where voters can register their signed Declaration of Support for a candidate, and come election night, be party to holding official results to account.

In the event of a contested election, your signed declaration will automatically be available to the candidate for which you cast your vote. You will also have the option to give your candidate permission to contact you before and/or after the election. 

Regular citizens who are concerned with the integrity of our elections. We inhabit all regions of the political landscape, and some would describe themselves as politically unaffiliated. We are united in our belief that all American voters have a right to verify the vote tally of their preferred candidates.

No. We are CrossCheck USA™. The company to which you refer was seeking to become a parallel voter registration system. We are not in the business of registering voters, but rather a parallel system intended to cross check official vote totals. Completely different mission, completely different company.

CrossCheck USA™ has taken every measure to secure our site with the best in cyber security. Prior to launching our platform, we completed a series of penetration tests, that is, we’ve employed hackers to identify any potential vulnerabilities prior to our launch. Our team of cyber security experts will also be monitoring real time for any attacks during the election period. The sad truth is, the information you share with CrossCheck USA™ is likely more secure than the personal data possessed by our state agencies. Evidence shows, for example, in Washington State, every agency’s database has been breached and most Washingtonians personal information, including medical information, has been compromised.

No. Our mission is apolitical and solely focused on restoring our fellow citizens faith in elections. We seek transparent, secure and publicly verified elections wherein voters have assurance that their vote was counted as cast. CrossCheck USA™ is committed to implementing a system that can quantify a candidate’s support and, most importantly, in circumstances where the support base stands in stark contrast to the ‘official’ election results. If any candidate wishes to cross check their election results with their CrossCheck USA™ support base, they will have access to the signed declarations of their voters whose identities and current voter registration’s have been verified. These declarations can be used to contest election results and are available for any candidate to utilize, regardless of party or ideology.

Yes. You can change or delete your declaration up until Election Day.

Yes. When you create a profile on CrossCheck USA™, and after you have been verified as a registered voter in your state, you will be given a Unique Identification number (UID). This unique number will be associated with your Declaration of Support for your candidate of choice. After an election, you will see your unique identifier number included in the total for your candidate you chose.

No. CrossCheck USA™ is a Private Membership Association project.

This is incorrect. While we have the utmost respect for anyone who is an earnest champion of election integrity, this flawed reasoning would render the purpose of CrossCheck USA™ inert. Anyone who has ever filled the thankless role of ‘ballot chaser’, that is, a person tasked with tracking down voters who forgot to sign their ballot (a remedy referred to as ballot curing) for example, would understand that the level of participation needed for CrossCheck USA™ to be viable would be impossible to achieve if registration was a post-election affair. In other words, voter interest and availability post-election is notoriously scarce. Thus, we believe, that candidates spreading the news about CrossCheck USA™ directly to their support base during their campaigns will be the most productive and effective.
That said, let’s say CrossCheck USA™ was infiltrated by people with nefarious intent. If that were the circumstance, the timing of their sabotage would not make a difference. The only thing a post-election registration drive would accomplish would be to make crosschecking the official vote tally irrelevant.

You will be able to see your UID highlighted among the other anonymous UID’s, thus you can personally verify that your CrossCheck USA™ vote was included in your candidates vote total.

Great question. The answer is, absolutely not. Here’s why. The absolute secrecy guaranteed to voters in the Constitution is specific to the ‘preparation and depositing’ of ‘their ballot’. CrossCheck USA™ is not involved in the preparation or depositing of their ballot. The voters ballot has nothing to do with CrossCheck USA™.

No. There is nowhere on where anyone can go to see how anyone voted. Voters will be able to download a file of all the unique identifier numbers in any of the races they cast their declaration for.  This file will allow the voter to see their UID highlighted, indicating their vote was counted in the total for their candidate. 
Here is an important fact worth mentioning. Most everyone knows how everyone else is voting. In today’s society, there is absolutely no privacy when it comes to social media. So if who you are voting for isn’t somewhere on one of your social media accounts, perhaps you have a bumper sticker, or a T-shirt that indicates who you are voting for. In some states you have to declare which party you are in when voting in the party primaries. This information could be used to ascertain who you will be voting for in the primary and general election. Finally, most do not realize any time you make a donation to a candidate, your name becomes a matter of public record in the candidates Public Disclosure or Federal Election Commission reports. Thus, the likely deduction of who you will be casting your vote for is already public record. However, CrossCheck USA™ does not make this public.
Additionally, it seems to be common practice to publicly ask the question of who someone will be voting for in the upcoming elections, whether it be candidates themselves or various polls directed at the voters that are distributed widely on social media. Again,  becoming a matter of public record for the world to see. For example, the Seattle times asked the Washington state gubernatorial candidates who they were voting for in the presidential race. So rest assured, casting your “Candidate declaration“ is to uphold your vote not to violate the privacy of it. 

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